Welfast is about to blow your training bible apart and replace it with ideas you have never heard of...

"Wellfast allows you to coach and perform at a higher level through speed and power"

Dr Margot Wells

The History of Wellfast

Dr Margot Wells started coaching at the age of 25. Her ability to spot changes in technique were invaluable to her husband Allan Wells M.B.E. Olympic 100m gold medalist, as was her ability to recall his training runs and give him valuable feedback. She attended every training session and was nearly always present at every competition. In this way her eyes were trained to watch speed technique on one of the fastest men in the world. 

On Allan's retirement, Dr Margot Wells entered the world of coaching rugby players in the knowledge that extra speed and power would increase their performance on the pitch. She took athletic principles and applied them to rugby players with great success and over the years has developed a range of strength training for running at speed as well as other exercises specific to the game of rugby. The client list reads like a whose who of International rugby players but she has also coached other sports at the same time.

Swimmers, skiers, fencers, bobsleigh teams, field gun crews, golfers and soccer players have all benefited from training with Wellfast training methods, with everyone achieving success in their chosen sport. Dr Margot Wells has taken sportsmen and women who had given up hope of achieving their dreams and made them possible.

Our friends say...

"Speed and power is everything in any sport, from the shortest sprint to the longest Ironman marathon. My sport of rowing is a muscular endurance event. It's good to be big and strong and have the endurance to complete the course, without speed and speed of movement you are not going to win races and achieve your goals...."

Sir Steve Redgrave C.B.E.
5 Times Olympic Champion