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Dr Margot Wells

Allan Wells passing the baton to Glasgow 2014

Lord Coe, Lord Smith and Allan Wells has strengthened the link between London 2012 and Glasgow Commonwealth games in 2014 to create a long lasting legacy to remember both the Olympic games in London and the Commonwealth games in Glasgow.

Wells, Coe and Smith all attended the event at the Houses of Parliament where Wells quoted:

"There is a lot to be gained from this positive and unique cooperation. Having competed in both the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, I appreciate the enormous impact this can have on an athlete. However, it is also important that we make sure the Games have a tangible effect on our economy and communities."

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Our friends say...

"I achieved the ultimate in speed by winning the Olympic gold medal in the 100m. Wellfast can help sportsmen and women achieve their ambitions by improving their speed whether it be on a track, a pitch or a court...."

Allan Wells M.B.E.
100m Olympic Champion