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The Power of Power

Written by Margot Wells. ©Copyright

Why is the training of power so misunderstood?

Like every other fitness component it is easy to train power if you understand the rules. The definition of power is strength x speed, so to understand power you have to understand speed. It is also important for the fitness coach to understand what a performer with power is able to achieve as opposed to a performer without power.

Have you ever wondered why some people in games situations can break through lines while others are too slow to make a break? The difference is power.

When a sprinter runs away from the rest of the field, that is the effect of training power.

So how do you know if the power training that you have been doing is working. It is easy just ask yourself the following questions.

a) can you explode over the first 5 metres?
b) does your top speed arrive too late?
c) can you jump high?
d) can you do a long standing jump?

If the answer to the above questions is no or not very well and you have been doing power training then the training is not training power.

Power training has to involve moving the whole body at speed. It should never be inhibited with weights or any other resistance that will slow the body down as this does not adhere to the definition of power which states that it must involve speed. Most people’s body weight is more than enough resistance and if the power/weight ratio is not in the favour of the performer than the body cannot move fast.

So how do you train Power?

Stair jumping: hurdle jumping: bounding: decathlon of jumps(but not all of them at the same time!)

Power training has to be built up in increments and if it is not performed technically correct then the effect of the exercise will be to kill the power not enhance it. Power training sessions are short and recovery afterwards should be quick. The improvements are immediate and the performer should be very happy with the results and if they are not saying that they feel so much better from doing it then the fitness coach needs to have another look at the sessions.

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