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Dr Margot Wells

The Specificity of Training

Written by Margot Wells. ©Copyright

Training for what?

Every fitness session should have a purpose. To make the performer stronger, faster or more powerful it doesn’t really matter as long as at the end of the session the goal has been achieved. How often do performers leave sessions feeling worse instead of better?

I am always surprised when a coach makes a player or the whole team run around a pitch because someone dropped the ball! How does running round a pitch make the player catch the ball better? Surely practising passing and catching would be more beneficial. Similarly how does swimming, rowing, cycling or running on a treadmill help performers who either run on a track or a field. There is no correlation between these activities and therefore they cannot improve running speed. Coaches argue that these activities are training the same energy sources as running but if they do not correlate in any way then how is this possible? None of the above activities even involve breathing in the same way as a performer running fast so they serve no purpose whatsoever.

There are some sports that can be cross-referenced with speed in mind. Basketball is fast, aggressive and powerful. It requires good hand eye coordination and therefore is a great substitute if the chosen sport is unavailable. Handball is another for the same reasons. If the brain becomes stale from repeatedly performing the same routines then the body will react in the same way. It is therefore important to change a training programme every six weeks and at the end of the six weeks every player should have improved in two disciplines of physical fitness. It can be strength endurance and speed endurance. It can be power and sprint endurance but there should be a marked improvement otherwise why train?

If training does not make the performer a better performer then the training programme needs to be adjusted until it does and remember if you can make one person faster then you can everyone faster.

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