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"Wellfast allows you to coach and perform at a higher level through speed and power"

Dr Margot Wells

Thom Evans dreams of pulling on dark blue as sprinter

Thom Evans is looking to get his sprinting career on track and looking to represent Scotland in the near future.

Thom is sprinting in his first competitive race of the indoor season on Sunday the 8th of Jan.

Margot Wells quoted.

You have to compete to find out if you like it,” she said, finishing up yesterday’s session at the Guildford track, “and it has to be the person’s desire to do it. It doesn’t matter what I think and whether I think Thom could make it or not; it’s his decision. I just sat back and waited 

To read the full story from The Scotsman click here.




Our friends say...

"As a forward, running fast enables me to get across the game line and either score a try or enable the backs to be in a great scoring position. Before training with Wellfast training methods, I didn't have the power or the pace to do what I do now. It has given me confidence and I look forward to becoming faster and more powerful...."

James Haskell
Wasps RFC & England International

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