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What does Andy Murray need to do to win a Major?

Written by Margot Wells
Coach to Allan Wells 1980 Olympic 100m Gold medallist
Director of Wellfast Performance Ltd.

Andy Murray’s disappointment was clear for all to see and no wonder as he clearly has the talent to win a major but he just cannot get past the finishing post.

The difference between Andy Murray and Roger Federer was not talent but the difference in their body management. Roger Federer’s body is kinetically aligned and therefore he is able to hit the ball with his body. Whereas Andy Murray’s body is not kinetically aligned and therefore he is much less balanced when he hits the ball, it is harder for Andy Murray to move as smoothly and there is more chance of injuries and niggles to the body.

A body management system can prevent injuries occurring by giving the body stability to move and more importantly balance and agility with less effort. In a long tennis tournament over two weeks, the overall effect is that the well prepared body will have used up less energy by the time they reach the final than someone whose body is not well managed. This does mean that Roger Federer is fitter it just means that he uses less energy to move, he hits the ball with his body and not his arm and therefore he has less injuries.

A tall person only benefits in the sporting world if the body can manage the stresses and strains of the sport and then height is a huge advantage. Sometimes the smaller more compact player has an advantage but longer levers working kinetically correct will always triumph over smaller levers as they can generate more power.



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