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"Wellfast is simple to understand and - once you understand the techniques - it is simple to make performers run faster"

Dr Margot Wells

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A Wellfast Bespoke course gives you the opportunity to learn the secrets of speed and power. The course will provide you with all the knowledge required to help you assist the performers improve their overall performance through speed and power.

Wellfast offers everyone the opportunity to create their own course for their own specific needs. It can be based on a particular sport or an age group. It can also be held at a club or school and is made up of the components featured in the Gold Package.


The maximum number of clients on any course is 20 but these can be made up from different schools /clubs should you wish and it is entirely up to you as to how many people you would like to invite onto your course.

The facility where the course will take place needs to be in a practical area, as there is an opportunity to try out the exercises should you wish. There has to be a projector screen or wall to deliver the video content of the course with a suitable arrangement of tables and chairs.

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To enquire for a bespoke course, please contact Wellfast using the Contact form and a member of Wellfast will respond within 48hrs (Subject to demand)

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John Beeby

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Course Disclaimer

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"The carefully constructed Online training programme will teach you the secrets of speed and power. We will change the way you perceive speed in sport and in doing so we will give you the knowledge to make everyone faster and more powerful than they were before...."

Dr Margot Wells
Performance Fitness Coach