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"Wellfast allows you to coach and perform at a higher level through speed and power"

Dr Margot Wells

Wellfast Pain Relief

Guildford Spectrum Leisure Centre

Parkway, Guildford, GU1 1UP

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Does pain stop you engaging in activities that you would like to participate in?

Whether it be just lifting your arm above your head or walking a few steps, pain can stop you in your tracks and stop you enjoying life to the full.

Dr Margot Wells will diagnose your problem and find the solution through a series of specially designed exercises.

Do you suffer from any muscular discomfort? Margot can help with the following:

- Aches and pains
- Joint conditions
- Sports injuries - new and old
- Biomechanics and alignment
- Body management to improve pain, function and performance 

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30 minutes

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Enquire with your details in the contact form on the right.


7:30am - 9:00pm



I had so much pain in my shoulders that I could no longer knit, garden or paint. After a session with Margot the pain was relieved and I have just finished knitting a cardigan for my grandson - Terri


I love walking my dogs but the pain in my forearm and elbow was so bad that I no longer enjoyed the activity. After a session with Margot the pain had eased considerably and is no longer a problem - Sarah 

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Course Disclaimer

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Our friends say...

"Speed and power is everything in any sport, from the shortest sprint to the longest Ironman marathon. My sport of rowing is a muscular endurance event. It's good to be big and strong and have the endurance to complete the course, without speed and speed of movement you are not going to win races and achieve your goals...."

Sir Steve Redgrave C.B.E.
5 Times Olympic Champion