Welfast is about to blow your training bible apart and replace it with ideas you have never heard of...

"Wellfast allows you to coach and perform at a higher level through speed and power"

Dr Margot Wells


What do I get

In choosing the Gold Package you will have all the training components required not only to improve speed and power but to understand the progression. You will also be ready to add the advanced components of speed and power to your knowledge.

Speed and power training form the foundations for improved performance. That is why the Gold package contains all the elements of the Silver package plus the knowledge of Power, Upper Body Power, Change of Direction, Periodisation and Coaching for all.

All of the components in this package are necessary to complete the overall picture and to have a full understanding of Wellfast training methods. 

Benefits of the Gold Package:

The benefits of buying the Gold package are that having studied this package the performer/coach will understand all the foundation elements of speed and power. This package covers all areas of speed and power in great detail and in a simple language that is easy to understand.

Sections included:

The Warm up

The Warm up will allow you to make sure that every performer will be mentally and physically ready to take part in a session/competition. It is not only about a few runs and some exercises but an in depth look at all the factors that affect warming up from where to warm up to what is a warm up. The exercise part of the warm up is explained in detail with video and stills footage of all the runs and exercises giving you a comprehensive guide to warming up.

Modules Included:-
What is a Warm Up
How to Warm Up
How to Teach the Warm Up
Where Should the Warm Up take place
When Should the Warm Up take place
Who Should Warm Up
Warm Up Runs
Warm Up Drills
Example of Warm Up
Cool Down

Sprint technique

This is one of the key elements in improving the speed of the performer. By using an efficient technique the performer can harness the strength and power that they already have, enabling them to run faster. This element has such an immediate effect that the performer is keen to train and learn more about the other elements of the training programme. The psychological effect of running faster results in an increase in confidence.

Modules Included:-
Why Do Sprinters have large upper bodies
When to Concentrate on Arm action
Arms Position
Body Position
Leg Position
Video of Technique

Speed Training

It is important to understand how to train speed. Speed has it’s own set of rules and the sessions are very different from other running sessions. These sessions are very short but they are very important and will have a large effect on the confidence of the performer.

Modules Included:-
What is Speed Training
Why do you Practise Speed
When do you Practise Speed
How to Teach Someone to Sprint
Where to Train Speed
Speed Session Phases

Speed Strength

This will improve the body’s overall strength and as it uses the performer’s own body weight as resistance, then it is suitable to use with all age groups and every level of fitness. The speed strength circuit is designed specifically for speed and power and also works on the psychology of training as well as the physiology.

Modules Included:-
What is Speed Strength
How to Train Speed Strength
Sit Ups
Press Ups
Hip Raises
Example Session


This is one of the best training aids around in the fitness world and one of the least known. It develops so many aspects of the body that no other training aid can assist with, therefore it has become an essential part of any Wellfast training programme. The Wellfast speedball is completely different from a boxing speedball as it is lighter and faster with a shorter fitting.

Modules Included:-
How to Train Speedball
Example Session
Video of Technique

Sprint endurance

Sprint endurance is training the body to sprint repeatedly with little drop off in top speed. It is performed over short distances with short recovery periods. As the performer’s speed improves then it is necessary to improve the sprint endurance to cope with the extra load on the energy sources as a result of running faster.

Modules Included:-
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3

Change of Direction

Not all sports require this element of training but to the one’s that do, being able to change direction at speed is key to high level performance. It is a combination of fitness components that allow this to take place and that is why it is contained within the Gold package.

Modules Included:-
30-10-30 Drill
Chase Drill
Triangle Drill


Power is the ability to move the body quickly off the mark. It is also the ability to jump upwards and forwards when required and is a necessary requirement in most sports. The key to power training is speed and power is the link between strength and speed.

Modules Included:-
What is Power
How to Train Power
Stair Jumping
Jumping Faults
Example Session

Upper body power

Upper body power goes hand and hand with power training. The body has to remain in balance in order to prevent injuries and therefore it is a necessary component in any training programme.

Modules Included:-
What is Upper Body Power
How to Train Upper Body Power
Medicine Ball Session

Periodisation (How to write a training programme over a whole season)

This is how to plan a training programme for a whole season. This component takes the sessions in each category and puts them in the right order at the the right time.

Modules Included:-
Macro Cycle
Meso Cycle
Micro Cycle

Coaching for all

Every training group will always contain different ranges of age and ability and it is important that they all improve. This section gives training programmes for fitness, power and speed enabling everyone to improve their speed and power.

Modules Included:-

Plus Package

The Plus package enables questions to be asked about any of the components contained within the Gold package. These can be individual or general in nature and will be answered as quickly as possible

Length of Membership

6 Months

Standard package


Plus package


Our friends say...

"Speed and power make the game of rugby exciting and attractive to watch. A fast and powerful forward is an asset to any team and testimony to the fact that it is not only backs that need speed...."

Lawrence Dallaglio
Rugby World Cup Winner