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Dr Margot Wells

Warm up

What do I get

In the Warm up package is everything you ever wanted to know about warming up. It is not just a few exercises and some running drills but an in depth study of the warm up.

Benefits of the Warm up Package:

The benefits of buying a Warm Up package are that not only do you ensure that you/your team are mentally and physically prepared for the exercise that is about to take place, but that you also understand everything that can affect a warm up e.g. when to start warming up.

Modules included:

What is a Warm up?

In other words what is the purpose of warming up. Why is it beneficial to a sporting performance?

How to Warm Up

How to coach the Warm up for maximum benefit.

How to teach the Warm up

The Warm up is a coached activity just like any other part of the session. This section teaches you how to coach it for maximum benefit to the performer.

Where to Warm Up

This may appear simple, but there are benefits to warming up in the right environment.

When to Warm Up

A warm up performed too early or too late can have negative effects on a performance.

Who Warms Up

A Wellfast coach should be totally focused on the performers during a warm up and therefore should not be part of it.

Warm up runs

Wellfast lists the benefits of the running part of the Warm Up and this is supported by video and stills of running technique.  


Wellfast gives you a list of dynamic stretching drills. They are supported by video and stills of each exercise.


This section gives a model of the Wellfast Warm Up.

Cool Down

This section takes a look at Why it is important to cool down and how to do it the Wellfast way.

Length of Membership

3 Months

Standard package


Our friends say...

"The carefully constructed Online training programme will teach you the secrets of speed and power. We will change the way you perceive speed in sport and in doing so we will give you the knowledge to make everyone faster and more powerful than they were before...."

Dr Margot Wells
Performance Fitness Coach