Welfast is about to blow your training bible apart and replace it with ideas you have never heard of...

"Wellfast allows you to coach and perform at a higher level through speed and power"

Dr Margot Wells

Introduction to Video Coaching

The Video analysis add on will include the ability to upload a short video of a performer running over a short distance. From this, Dr Margot Wells herself will analyse the running technique, with coaching advice on how to improve it thus immediately making the performer run faster. She will also spot areas of weaknesses and alignment issues which would hinder the performer’s ability to run fast and create a list of exercises to correct these problems. A body strength circuit will assist the body to eliminate the weaknesses and hold the new body alignment in place, creating a body stronger in all areas necessary to make a performer faster. To complete the package a power session will enable the performer to be quicker off the mark and more explosive. This will be detailed in a six week training programme and allow the performer to continue improving their speed.

Distance is not an issue when it comes to having a Video analysis training session with Dr Margot Wells. Dr Margot Wells is famous for making people run faster in one session and with a video session she can do this for you or your client. If lack of speed is holding you back or stopping your client achieving their dreams then Dr Margot Wells can help to solve the problem.


You will require at least a Warm Up or paid package to enable use of the Video Analysis add on as we recommend you have some of the modules to help you with the feedback from Dr Margot Wells.

Access to the Gold package is advisable to take full advantage of this service.

Benefits of Video Coaching Analysis

  • Direct contact with Dr Margot Wells
  • In depth analysis of weaknesses and body alignment

Our friends say...

"If someone is coached by her for two or three months I can guarantee they will be two yards faster. Everything she has done is proven. She is phenomenal...."

Danny Cipriani
Bath RFC