Welfast is about to blow your training bible apart and replace it with ideas you have never heard of...

"Wellfast allows you to learn a little or a lot about speed and power"

Dr Margot Wells

Do you realise that you can be faster in 5 minutes just by changing the way you run?

Running with the correct technique is the quickest way to increase your speed and it doesn’t require any more strength or power. Bad technique is the most common cause of people not fulfilling their talent through lack of speed and in some cases can lead to injuries.

When discussing running technique everyone focus on the legs. Length of stride, knee lift, cadence rate and while working on them they are forgetting the most important part of the body – THE ARMS. The arms dictate all of the aforementioned and by using the arms correctly you can be faster in 5 minutes.

Check out the rest of the website and the answers to all your speed and power problems can be answered in one of the packages available. You can also come on a course and learn how to do it yourself or you can do a 1-1 session with me.


Our friends say...

"I achieved the ultimate in speed by winning the Olympic gold medal in the 100m. Wellfast can help sportsmen and women achieve their ambitions by improving their speed whether it be on a track, a pitch or a court...."

Allan Wells M.B.E.
100m Olympic Champion