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"Wellfast is simple to understand and - once you understand the techniques - it is simple to make performers run faster"

Dr Margot Wells

Fed up being Injured?

Fed up being injured? Recovering from injury? Underperforming?

Body functionality can help improve and potentially stop all of the above from occurring. Body functionality is a series of exercises which will not only improve performance through balance, stability and improved co – ordination but it will also allow the body to function as a unit. This prevents overload of muscles and structures within the body and thus prevents a lot of soft tissue injuries occurring or stops them reoccurring.
The best thing about all of the above is that the change happens immediately! It will also always be there providing the exercises are performed correctly and on a daily basis. Ask Mike Brown Harlequins and England full back as he has used them extensively since November and look what is has done to his game.

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Our friends say...

"The carefully constructed Online training programme will teach you the secrets of speed and power. We will change the way you perceive speed in sport and in doing so we will give you the knowledge to make everyone faster and more powerful than they were before...."

Dr Margot Wells
Performance Fitness Coach