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Dr Margot Wells

Is your body in the wrong place to run faster?

Recently I have seen many players young and old who used to be quick and now can no longer run fast. The problem was not that they have got slower but that they had lost control of their body. This tends to happen when they reach maturity and the back muscles lose connection to the hips thus causing loss of co – ordination, speed and power.

Speed puts stress on the body more than any other physical component and therefore it is a huge consideration when a coach makes a performer run faster. This is why I came up with the ultimate body management system for speed. This not only allows the body to run in a natural way by putting it back into neutral but it also cuts down the amount of soft tissue injuries by a considerable amount. Add to this a series of exercises that joins the body up and makes it perform as one piece then you have a recipe for faster running.

Injury prevention should be high on any coaches list of priorities because the recovery from an injury often causes further problems. The body alignment changes completely when one leg is placed in a boot and if realignment doesn’t take place then the knock on effects can be huge.
Exercises that connect the body to the brain as key to the success of the 1-1 body management session as the effects take place immediately. The performer arrives in one state and leaves in a completely different body and faster! This should be seen as a key part of any sports performer’s training programme as it is with every member of my personal training squad. How has Mike Brown continued to get faster and faster? I have just told you the answer!

You can find out more on a 1-1 with Margot Wells which specialises in Injury prevention and Running Sessions here.




Our friends say...

"As a forward, running fast enables me to get across the game line and either score a try or enable the backs to be in a great scoring position. Before training with Wellfast training methods, I didn't have the power or the pace to do what I do now. It has given me confidence and I look forward to becoming faster and more powerful...."

James Haskell
Wasps RFC & England International

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