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The Quick Speed Fix

Written by Margot Wells.

If you are reading this then you have identified your need for speed. Every position on the field would benefit from an injection of speed and it is simple to achieve. So if you need to be quicker by next Saturday then there a few technique tips that you may like to try.

a) try running fast with straight arms
b) try running fast with bent arms
Answer: This is easy as it is impossible to run fast with straight arms.

Try running faster by moving your bent arms faster and the result is that your legs will move faster making you run faster.


a) try running with your arms across your body
b) try running with your arms moving straight backwards and forwards
Answer : It is easier to move faster with your arms moving straight backwards and forwards as they are helping you move in the direction you want to go!

Next: How can you make yourself quicker off the mark?

a) try running forward while your body is in an upright position
b) try running forward when your body is leaning forward.
Answer: It is always easier to move quicker off the mark when the body is leaning forward.

Finally: How can you make yourself move easier?

a) try running fast on the flats of your feet
b) try running fast on your toes
Answer: It is easier to move while on your toes.

This is four easy steps to being able to run quicker. The advanced speed training takes longer but in the meantime you can be quicker on the pitch than you were last week.


Our friends say...

"I achieved the ultimate in speed by winning the Olympic gold medal in the 100m. Wellfast can help sportsmen and women achieve their ambitions by improving their speed whether it be on a track, a pitch or a court...."

Allan Wells M.B.E.
100m Olympic Champion

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