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Wellfast Athletes open there summer season in the Watford Open Meeting

Three of the Wellfast athletes opened there season in the Watford Open on Wednesday 2nd of May. Simon Wells, Thom Evans and Zoe Wells all competed, Simon & Thom were running the 100m and Thom & Zoe were running the 200m.

The conditions in Watford were windy and rainy and all races had a head wind.

In the 100m Simon Wells finished 2nd with a time of 11.55 into a -0.7 m/s headwind.

1 18 Nengi Ossai SBH M35 11.53
2 26 Simon Wells Unatt SM 11.55
3 6 Alex Pycock Loughborough Uni U20M 11.59
4 16 Pierre Walker Belgrave H SM 11.65
5 9 Nana Nottinson-Nyaa SBH U23F 11.70
6 12 Joseph Woodfind Luton U20M 11.85
7 10 Bob Atherton SBH U20M 11.92   

Thom Evans also finished 2nd in his 100m heat with a time of 11.34 into a -0.05 m/s head wind.

1 39 Oweka Wanogho Croydon H U23M 10.88
2 35 Thom Evans Belgrave H SM 11.34
3 20 Lewis Clarke WSEH SM 11.51
4 8 Fraser Carlisle Wycombe P SM 11.57
0 23 Jason Comissiong TVH SM dns   

Zoe Wells competed in the 200m and finished 1st with a time of 27.11 into a -1.9 m/s head wind.

1 25 Zoe Wells WSEH SW 27.11
2 46 Sophie Keeble SNH U17F 27.95
3 49 Luke Loukaides Trent Park U15M 27.98
4 333 Dennis Edghill MMK M50 28.78
5 47 Jessica Barber SNH U23F 28.80
6 40 Grace Linnett MMK U13F 29.68  

Thom Evans also competed in the 200m and finished 5th with a time of 23.27 into a -1.6 m/s head wind.

1 39 Oweka Wanogho Croydon H U23M 22.06
2 44 Ashley Fry WSEH U23M 22.57
3 41 Robert Ridley Newbury SM 22.71
4 42 Cameron webb Stevenage U23M 23.25
5 35 Thom Evans Belgrave H SM 23.27
6 16 Pierre Walker Belgrave H SM 23.44   

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The Wellfast athletes will be competing more in May so keep checking the site to keep up to date.



Our friends say...

"As a forward, running fast enables me to get across the game line and either score a try or enable the backs to be in a great scoring position. Before training with Wellfast training methods, I didn't have the power or the pace to do what I do now. It has given me confidence and I look forward to becoming faster and more powerful...."

James Haskell
Retired Northampton Saints & England International