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Dr Margot Wells

Wellfast’s Greg Cackett finishes 6th in his Semi for the UK Championships!

Greg had a great UK Championships finishing 6th in his semi final in a very compettitve championships up in Birmingham. 

Greg ran a time of 10.65 to qualify as fastest loser in his opening heat and ran a time of 10.55 in his semi to end up 14th overall on times.

Greg was running against some of the biggest names in UK athletics liek Harry Aryeetey and a legend of the sport Christian Malcolm.

To view all of Gregs times click here

To view Gregs Semi Final click here (Available until 7th of August)




Our friends say...

"Speed and power is everything in any sport, from the shortest sprint to the longest Ironman marathon. My sport of rowing is a muscular endurance event. It's good to be big and strong and have the endurance to complete the course, without speed and speed of movement you are not going to win races and achieve your goals...."

Sir Steve Redgrave C.B.E.
5 Times Olympic Champion

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