Welfast is about to blow your training bible apart and replace it with ideas you have never heard of...

"Wellfast is simple to understand and - once you understand the techniques - it is simple to make performers run faster"

Dr Margot Wells

Why do sportsmen and women suffer from bad backs?

It is simply a case of bad body management. The back as a structure supports the whole body but if the muscles around the structure are either not built to support the structure in the right way or the whole back is not connected to the hips at the shoulders and the hip bones then the muscles get over worked resulting in pain.

The Wellfast body management system is designed to put the body back into neutral and then connect all the parts of the body so the whole body is supported by all the parts and not each individual muscle groups working on their own.

The problem is magnified when a performer is tall or has had an injury that requires the foot being in a boot or a cast. This causes the body alignment system to go out of balance and subsequently other parts of the body break down when they become stressed when overloaded. This is easily remedied by a series of exercises designed to not only reduce the risk of injury but it also assists in helping the whole physical performance to improve. In tennis when the body works as a whole the player is more balanced but also the player would hit the ball with his body and not his arm and this would create more strength and power behind the ball. In football when the body is balanced the player can control better as he has better control of his body. This results in more accurate passing and more length on the kick and the throw.

Wellfast performs a body management assessment as part of the 1-1 programme with Margot Wells and she uses this everyday with the Wellfast training squad. Mike Brown Harlequins Full back has shown how vital this is to his training not only making his body stronger, more powerful and faster but he played in every Harlequins game this season showing the effectiveness of the Wellfast body management system.



Our friends say...

"Margot has been a massive help and I’m a lot quicker since I started seeing her, She’s changed my running style completely as well as working on my power and speed..."

Mike Brown
Newcastle Falcons RFC